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KruTeacher is the only teachers’ jobs website in Thailand making it a requirement for all Thailand based teacher recruitment agencies to be legally registered and licensed by the Thai Ministry of Labour, thus greatly limiting the chance for new teachers in Thailand to fall victim to an illegal rogue agent or agency. There are numerous teacher placement agencies in Thailand, KruTeacher collaborates and recommends one of the most reputable - the 5-star rated Thai Recruitment Agency, Teachers For Thailand.
In collaboration with Destination TEFL - South East Asia's leading TEFL/TESOL provider, KruTeacher actively helps fresh graduates pursue their dreams in obtaining one of the best TEFL/TESOL qualifications in South East Asia, assisting program graduates with work placement through our network of schools and agencies in the region.
KruTeacher boasts the largest free teachers’ resumes database of any teaching jobs website and is the first in Thailand to allow teachers of all nationalities to advertise for private students on its website for free of charge.
KruTeacher is Thailand’s largest jobs website for Chinese teachers in Thailand and so are KruTeacher’s managed Facebook groups Teaching Jobs for Chinese Teachers and Teaching Jobs In Thailand.





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