Ben Walker gives us a brilliant overview of all of the things to consider if you plan to travel out to Thailand. Ben takes us through a list of documents, qualifications, visas, work permit, and the police check required to teach at a Thai school. He also discusses salary expectations, the cost of living, and what it takes to become an English teacher in Thailand!

Teaching English in Thailand in 2022


An excellent video capturing the essence of the people of Bangkok Thailand going about their daily lives. The movement of cameras in the video couldn't be better, clearly showing the busling pot China Town, one of the cities most visited and oldest neighborhoods, as well as Wat Pho (the Temple of the Reclining Buddha), Wat Phra Chetuphon, Wat Phra Kaew (the Temple of the Emerald Buddha), and Wat Saket (the Golden Mount Temple) – all four, a must-see for any first-time visitor to Bangkok, located in the same Sanam Luang area of Bangkok!

One day in Bangkok, Thailand, part III | 4K UHD | Wat Pho, The Reclining Buddha, Golden Mount & more


Great educational video by Mitch of Destination TEFL Thailand, who breaks down all the parts of the new cannabis law, what it means for Thailand, and what it means for visitors to this amazing country!

Is Cannabis Legal in Thailand? Everything You Need to Know About Thailand’s New Cannabis Laws


Mitch of Destination TEFL Thailand, focuses on showing his audience a different, more local attraction, a slice of authentic Thailand - a market, art venue-cum-community space nearby his TEFL training facility in Bangkok!

One of Bangkok's Coolest Night Markets! | Chang Chui Art Market | Things to Do in Bangkok


In this video, Mitch of Destination TEFL Thailand, takes us through the different visas available to foreigners visiting Thailand, with a particular focus on the rules and regulations on entering Thailand without a visa i.e. visa exemption on arrival for nationals of sixty-four countries!

How to Get a Visa on Arrival for Thailand | Don't Fly to Thailand Before Doing These Things


An informative video by Mike Davison on the pros and cons of living and teaching in Thailand, and whether it was worth it for him personally and whether it is worth it for people wanting to get out of the rat race, people seeking a new adventure, or people seeking a low presure rewarding job that includes a ticket out of their homecountries!

Is Teaching In Thailand Worth It? The Truth About Teaching English In Thailand


A lovely vlog by Fearless Jessey. She not only discusses her typical working day in the life of an English teacher at a Thai school, but also takes us on a superb tour into her classroom, the canteen, and the teacher's office for some inincredible behind the scenes footage!

Teaching English In Thailand: A day in the Life


Peter gives us a no-nonsense insight on what irritates him and what could potentially irritate new arrivals to Thailand. Peter stresses that these are some of the annoyances we all experience in different countries e.g. the sidewalks, the constant battling with taxi drivers in touristy areas,  the strong likelihood of not getting your apartment deposit back and how to avoid it, the much hated infamous Thai two-tier pricing system, the unavoidable stray dogs, the scam artists, and the must-avoid expatriate chronic complainers and drinkers!

I love Thailand but here are 20 points that annoy me


Veteran blogger Bangkok Pat gives his audience a magnificent detailed explanation of the real meaning and interpretation by Thais of the word "farang", viewed by some fellow Thailand expats as derogatory and racist. Pat also gives us his take on some of the weirdest stories and lies told by other expat farangs living in the land of smiles!

Surviving in Thailand Part 3: Lies That Farangs Tell You!


In this very useful video, Mickey Stotch covers everything from rentals of apartments in authentic Bangkok neighborhoods to giving us tips on how to go about about finding budget accommodation that can be rented short term for just US$ 300 for 1 month, coming with a deposit of US$60 and free cleaning twice a week - a good deal for any newly arrived English teacher in Thailand. Mickey also takes us on a tour isnside his hotel/apartment - hotel slash apartment rather, as many very local apartments also double as short term stays for foreigners to maximize occupancy!

My $300 Apartment in Bangkok / Cheap Accommodation and Cost of Living in Thailand 2022


Youtuber Keis One gives his viewers an idea on how cheap Bangkok actually is, how much you can save, and whether you can actually make ends meet on just US$ 1,000 a month. Keis One give us a great run down on how to live cheaply by frequenting local places, food courts, street food, 7/11 meals while at the same time giving us a nice breakdown of his monthly bills!

Can you live in Bangkok for $1000 per month? - Complete Cost of Living in Thailand


A different take on the cost of living in Thailad by Jerry Lee, who's strongly advocates his followers to increase their income and not penny-pinch too much and instead enjoy a few luxuries now and then, living comfortably without getting ridiculous!

Cost of Living in Bangkok Thailand - 2022


TEFL trainer Mitch, living the dream in Thailand, shares his reasons for choosing to teach abroad as opposed to working in a 9 to 5 job back in his homecountry, and how rewarding teaching in Thailand can be - a life he could only dream of back in the US!

Why Should I Teach Abroad? | Reasons to Teach Abroad


How to Get Through Immigration in Bangkok | Your Guide to Immigration in Thailand!

Things to Do in Bangkok: Wakeboarding at Taco Lake | Work Life Balance When Teaching Abroad

First Day of Arrivals Suvarnabhumi Airport | What happened, Bangkok Thailand.

Has Bangkok lost its character? Decide for yourself!

Don't get caught out with these 21 scams in Thailand.

Teach legally in Thailand.

Teaching in Thailand | find a job w/ or w/out a program ($$$), what to expect, etc.

Do's and Don'ts in Thailand.

Bangkok Travel Tips: 13 Things to Know Before You Go.

10 Best Places to Visit in Thailand - Travel Video.

Street Food in Thailand - night market Thai Food in Chiang Mai, Thailand!


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